What is the Future of Mixed Martial Arts in the Olympics?

What is the Future of Mixed Martial Arts in the Olympics?

The first Olympic games were held in honor of Zeus in Olympia with only runners for spectators to watch. As the decades passed, various sports were added to the Olympics with only a few rules to follow. After all, spectators wanted to see something spectacular. The ancient Olympic games were more about hand-to-hand, performance, and endurance based sports. It was not like we watch today.

It’s ultimately up to the committees to choose what sport gets included or excluded. It’s basically a bureaucracy that would replace Olympic wrestling with Olympic cooking as long as it ramped up sales. The MMA is a dominant global sports industry seeking to be recognized by the Olympics.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a modern, popular, mainstream sports industry that brings back the nature of that ancient fighting spirit that many sports are lacking today. In part, the popularity of MMA is due to its introduction on reality TV in shows like “The Ultimate Fighter”. Because of this show, the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) hosts 30 events per year that extends to 145 countries in 354 million homes.


Premise of the Olympics

The basic premise of the Olympics is to allow athletes to show off what they can do, how much they can endure, and what they body is capable of. Olympic sports test the agility, speed, endurance, and prowess of the athletes. The downsides to these events include things like runners who take drugs to win and prepubescent gymnasts that suffer major injuries during training and compete in great pain. It seems as if the Olympics have turned into some kind of traveling sideshow of performers rather than real sporting events. The MMA would be a great addition to the true purpose of the Olympics over the sports that have been featured over the past 20 plus years.


The Cult Nature of the Spectators

The basic spectator today is the average Western population, who mostly gather to watch the Olympics and eat junk food and drink beer. For those who don’t care about sports, the Olympics are boring and antiquated. Millennials have little interest in the Olympics.


MMA in the Mix

There is a powerful argument for the inclusion of Mixed Martial Arts in the Olympics.  Professionals in the industry believe that MMA would boost the relevance of the Olympics in today’s world. MMA embraces various forms of hand-to-hand combat, including wrestling, boxing, Brazilian jiu jitsu, kung fu, and other Asian martial arts. It’s the epitome of the Olympic ideal in that the winner takes all, while the loser goes down. MMA isn’t known for attracting more boring spectators like today’s Olympics.

Eventually, MMA will be featured in the Olympics. It has its own fan base and embodies the very essence of the Olympics. Martial Arts training is mastered through hard work, perseverance, and difficult life lessons. It takes years to master the discipline and art of Martial Arts. MMA overall would be an improvement over what is now seen in the Olympics.

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