A look at the future of marketing in 2020

A look at the future of marketing in 2020

The future. While the average person lives mostly in the present, marketers are always thinking about the future. They study, research, and watch the current trends in order to try to predict future trends.

Marketers and PR firms become preoccupied with wondering what the next campaign will be available for their clients and what newest trend will fit with their campaigns. They keep their clients in the loop and let them in on the next big thing. In other words, they have their fingers on the pulse of current and up-and-coming trends.

Now, if you’re new to marketing, it’s harder to suddenly get into the same mode as an expert, veteran marketer like Jeff Beer, who shared 25 future trends that he believes will change the face of marketing over the next five years. Based off what Jeff said, here are 10 trends that are likely to make a splash in the future of marketing.

  1. Mobile-friendly devices will become the focus of marketing. It’s pretty obvious from watching how smart watches, smartphones, tablets, and general wearable technology grow in the current marketplace that this will become the primary focus for marketing. That means it’s time to ramp up strategies for mobile marketing that will fit on those smaller screens.
  2. Social media will be the primary venue for marketing. The Internet made its big splash only a few decades ago, but social media is still a relatively new marketing arena. However, in the next five years, social media marketing will be the primary focus for brand-building, selling, and garnering interest for your clients.
  3. Genuine brands and honest relationships. We live in an era where people are too smart to be taken in by certain kinds of old-school marketing tactics. They want to know a brand is real, genuine, honest, and transparent about their products. Transparency and honesty is the future of marketing brands.
  4. User-generated content will make a bit splash. You’re already seeing this on social media channels now. People comment, blog, share, chat, and go live with videos with brand reviews. It’s this kind of content that will start to drive brand marketing. These are the people you want to engage with as this happens.
  5. Good quality content will always be king. It’s been said that content is king, and that concept will never change. Over the next five years, the need for good content will continue to grow. There is nothing to slow it down. It will be the most amazing content that will create successful campaigns.
  6. Brands will claim their audiences. The future of marketing will embrace the cultivation of community and conversation between brands and their customers. This will give brands the edge in creating loyal customers and brand advocates. In essence, they will own their audience. They will pay more attention to what customers are saying, commenting, reviewing, chatting, video sharing, and blogging in an effort to build a sense of community for happy, satisfied customers.
  7. Metrics accuracy will emerge in the marketing arena. Vanity metrics include social media metrics like tweets, shares, and likes. Marketers use these metrics to measure how well their marketing strategies are working; or not. While this is okay for now, the future holds a new set of metrics that we can use to analyze and gauge campaign success.
  8. Millennial-focused marketing will fade away. This is a trend that is easily predicted because as generations evolve, they change, which means marketing has to change with generations. Right now, we see millennials as today’s youth, but in the next five years, there will be a new generation that will require that you change your marketing strategies to stay in the game.
  9. Data-driven marketing will be more precise. Since the future of marketing will embrace relationships between brands and audiences, personalized data-driven marketing must be precise. Salesy, pushy marketing will become passé and be replaced with data-driven, transparent marketing. Marketers that fail to get into this mode of marketing will get forced out.
  10. To be a good brand you will have to act like a product, not a service based company. What? Service companies tend to cater to customer satisfaction and happiness. It’s how they retain them and get referrals. However, in the future, that personal touch and customer satisfaction won’t be enough. It will never go out of style, but companies will have to be as innovative in what they offer as how they cater to their customers.

These are the 10 trends that are most likely to make an impact on future marketing strategies and brands. Let this soak in, study it, and start thinking of ways to use this information to the benefit of your current clients. Have a Hangout or Skype meeting and discuss this with them. Whatever you do, don’t ignore the signs of the future.

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