Saving for the Future: 19 Easy Ways to Save Your Money

Saving for the Future: 19 Easy Ways to Save Your Money

Who doesn’t want to save money for the future? The Pay Calculator joins us in this piece.  
Note: This information is not intended as advice and does not take into account your personal circumstances. Always seek professional financial advice.


You can probably think of several ways to save money and improve your financial status right now. The two basic things to do are to spend less and/or increase your income. You may have to make some sacrifices or work harder, but it’s worth it.

Here are 19 ways to reduce your cost of living and save money.

  • Avoid bad debt. Do you have enough money in the bank to buy that couch, television, or that set of sheets? When you make purchases that you can’t afford, then charge it and pay monthly payments, you’re creating bad debt. You’re not just paying for the items, you’re paying interest, making it harder to get out of debt. The only things you should borrow money for are real estate or leverage in business.
  • Pay off bad debt. Prioritize and pay off bad debt. The interest causes you financial harm, so use your money wisely and pay off high-interest debt as fast as possible.
  • Sell your automobile. If you don’t need your car, or a second vehicle, sell it. You will save on fuel, upkeep, maintenance, and insurance.
  • Avoid hungry-shopping. A hungry consumer tends to buy more when they’re hungry than when they aren’t.
  • Invest in savings. Put some money back into a savings account every payday. This doesn’t include saving for something you want, just save it for nothing. You will find a smart use for it in the future.
  • Cancel pay TV. You don’t need paid TV anymore. There are other options that are free or cheap so save money without sacrifice!
  • Get and stay fit. Get plenty of sleep, exercise daily, eat healthy, and drink water. Maintaining your health saves you on health care costs.
  • Cook at home more. You save a lot of money by cooking more at home. You will enjoy dinner time with your family, while saving money. This doesn’t mean to never go out, but stop doing so merely for convenience if you eat out often. Whilst you’re at home, don’t forget to clean and maintain your house yourself.
  • Quit smoking. If you smoke, stop it. You’ll reduce the cost of buying cigarettes and be healthier.
  • Save rainy day money. Put back money for the unexpected. Plan this in your budget.
  • Try a zero-dollar day. If possible, avoid spending money for a day at least once a week; more often if you can. It will change how you think about spending.
  • Use smart travel plans. Avoid booking travel during the peak season or just a couple of weeks before you go to prevent paying a premium price.
  • Check your phone plan. Save money on your phone bill by requesting the best deal from your provider. The competition is fierce, so they’re willing to bargain.
  • Look at your health coverage. Health insurance is a competitive industry, so ask for the best options and do your research for additional savings.
  • Review annual renewals. Renewable annual payments should be reviewed before the renewal date. For instance, shop around or negotiate for better home and auto insurance rates.
  • Avoid impulse buying. Impulse buys are costly. Go home, sleep on it, and think about whether it’s something you really need or not.
  • Try shopping on eBay. One of the cheapest ways to get what you want without spending more than necessary is to look for it on eBay.
  • Avoid buying new tech/gadgets. If you have a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, you have all the gadgets you need at your fingertips.
  • Reduce dependence on new items. Humans think that owning the best and newest thing is important, but that becomes an addiction. Stop that cycle of dependence on getting new stuff that you don’t really need.

These are all tips that are dependent upon your lifestyle and your financial situation. Learn what to buy what is best for you, while saving money for various purposes at the same time. If you can live without something – don’t buy it!

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